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What are the different types of alimony?

If you are a Florida resident considering divorce, you may wonder how alimony agreements work. Most states have their own laws that cover spousal support calculations and eligibility requirements, and Florida has very detailed legislation for alimony agreements. When courts determine the terms of an alimony agreement, there are numerous factors that may affect the amount and type of alimony you pay or receive.

Defining a "supportive relationship"

Although it is not intended to be, alimony is often viewed by many in Tavares as a form of punishment leveled against a more "well-off" spouse. In reality, alimony is merely meant to be a means of temporary financial assistance. It is widely recognized that some make career sacrifices in order to fulfill familial responsibilities (such as caring for children). If and when those people divorce, their spouse's may be asked to support them until they are able to provide for themselves. Often, that comes with a supported spouse choosing to remarry, at which point an alimony obligation will typically end. 

Health problems and alimony payments

In a recent post on our blog, we looked into some of the challenges that people face after losing their job with respect to alimony. However, there are many other reasons why someone may have a hard time making alimony payments. For example, someone may suffer from a health problem that creates financial hardships for a number of reasons. If you are currently experiencing a health crisis or anticipate a serious medical problem in the near future and you are required to pay alimony, it is very important to take these payments into consideration and understand your options.

Job loss and unpaid alimony

Many different family law matters can arise when a couple decides to end their marriage, some of which involve kids (custody and child support), while other divorce issues involve finances. Aside from property division, some people face challenges as a result of alimony payments, whether they do not receive what they are owed or they cannot stay caught up on payments they are required to make. In this post, we will examine how some people may struggle to pay alimony after losing their job and some options that may be available.

Will a judge award you spousal support?

Ideally, when you and your spouse are negotiating your Florida divorce, you will be able to present your case for spousal support, and your spouse will agree to pay it. If you have sacrificed your career for his or hers, or you spent the last five years as a stay-at-home parent, your spouse should be willing to at least discuss the possibility. 

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