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child support Archives

When is child support modification possible?

If you are a divorced parent, you may have a child support agreement in place. While there are many factors that usually go into the calculation of child support, there are also circumstances that may warrant a change in the initial payment amount. Florida does allow for child support modification in certain circumstances. Depending on your unique situation, you may be able to request a review and modification of your child support order.

I've been ordered to pay child support, now what?

Both parents are obligated to provide financially for their child, even after a divorce has taken place. If you're the non-custodial parent, this usually entails child support payments, which are determined by the court. It's important to take the right steps if you're ordered to pay child support, as explained by Fatherly

Financial irresponsibility and child support payments

Divorce can bring up a variety of difficult issues for people to work through, from disputes in court to depression and other negative emotions. For those who have children, ending a marriage can give rise to a number of legal matters and some parents struggle with child support payments in particular. There are different reasons why parents fall behind on the payments they owe, which can lead to serious consequences such as being taken into custody and having tax refunds intercepted.

Child support and the loss of your job

As a parent who is required to make child support payments, our law office realizes that there are many different hurdles you might encounter on a daily basis. You could be having trouble staying caught up on the child support payments you owe or you might be facing emotional issues following your divorce and losing the ability to spend as much time with your child as you would like. Worse, there are other problems that may arise which can complicate things further, such as being laid off or fired. If you anticipate that your job will end for any reason, it is crucial to keep your child support responsibilities in mind.

Other consequences of back child support

Our blog has provided information on some of the consequences of falling behind on child support payments, such as having one's tax refund intercepted and being unable to apply for a U.S. passport. However, there are many other reasons why it is crucial to pay child support on time and parents who are unable to fulfill these obligations may face a number of other ramifications. In this post, we will look into some of the other ways in which parents who owe back child support in Tavares and across the state of Florida may be adversely affected by their circumstances.

Child support and your tax refund

People are aware of many of the different challenges that can come with child support, such as the risk of being arrested for failing to make payments and the social stigma that is attached to back child support. In a recent blog post, we discussed how child support delinquency can interfere with travel plans and passport applications. However, it is vital to keep in mind that falling behind may upend your life in even more ways. Many people have recently filed their taxes and are expecting a tax refund. However, some may be surprised to find out that back child support will interfere with their refund.

Unpaid child support and passport applications

When a parent is not able to pay child support, for whatever reason, there is a long list of challenges they may have to work through. It is not uncommon for people in this position to have an incredible amount of anxiety over their circumstances, but they may also face harsh penalties. For example, some may even be taken into custody for failing to pay child support. With this said, there are many other hardships that parents who owe back child support may face. For example, if a parent owes a certain amount of unpaid child support, they may not be able to apply for a passport.

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