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Self-care and emotions during divorce

Ending a marriage requires more than simply filing the legal paperwork in a Florida court. Both spouses may feel powerful and conflicting emotions, including sadness, anger, relief or insecurity about the future. When a person is dealing with all these emotions, he or she may have trouble parenting, performing at work and maintaining friendships. Fortunately, there are several effective tools and strategies that may help individuals manage their emotions and navigate the divorce process with good mental health.

Older couples getting married should consider a prenup

People in Florida and all across the country are waiting until later in life to get married. While millennials are perhaps most well-known for this trend, older generations may also choose to remarry or marry for the first time. According to CNBC, women and men are now waiting until 27 and 29 respectively to get married. Also, 53% of Americans over 55 have married again. With same-sex marriage now newly legal, many older couples that have been together for decades are also marrying for the first time.

How divorce affects children

Parents in Florida who are going through divorce are under a lot of stress and emotional turmoil, and these increase when the children are taken into account. Divorce affects children of all ages, and the negative effects can follow the kids into adulthood. While divorce is hard on everyone, parents can mitigate the effects by following certain strategies. 

Man arrested for shooting at mother and kids in car

Many in Tavares may suffering through abusive relationships where the one's causing their suffering are their own spouses. Oftentimes, these victims of abuse choose to remain in their bad situations out of feelings they may have for their abusers and the hope that they maintain that such actions will stop. In other cases, abused spouses may simply remain in their marriages for fear that the abuse will escalate if they try to leave. In any event, those choosing to stay in an abusive marriage could be playing a potentially dangerous game, as one never knows when the force meted out by an abuser could turn lethal. 

Sexual abuse and divorce

Marriages end for an array of reasons, but there are some instances where it is particularly important for someone to split up with their spouse. For example, someone who has been subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of their marital partner should immediately take steps to protect themselves and hold their spouse accountable. Those who have experienced sexual abuse in their marriage, which takes a number of forms, may need to find the courage to move on. However, various options may be available, and victims of sexual abuse should not feel hopeless.

The financial impact of ending your marriage

Divorce can be tough for so many reasons, from living without a person who has been in your life for decades to dealing with stressful legal matters involving your children, such as custody. However, the financial side of divorce cannot be overlooked and it is pivotal to prepare. There are many different financial stressors that may arise during and after the divorce process, and these factors could wreak havoc on your finances if you are not ready. From alimony and child support to property division and even your career, the divorce process may affect your financial life in all sorts of ways.

Drifting apart from your spouse and divorce

Sometimes divorce is the result of a partner’s infidelity or abuse, but some marriages come to an end because a couple has simply drifted apart over the years. This is quite common and there are a number of factors you should consider if you see this happening in your life. For example, some couples are able to reconcile their differences and work together through counseling to save their marriage, but this certainly does not work for everyone. Sometimes, a couple (or even one spouse) decides that divorce is necessary, in which case you need to be prepared.

Dealing with gossip during divorce

Ending your marriage may be a challenge for numerous reasons, whether they are financial in nature (alimony, property distribution, and so on) or involve your kids. However, you may also face a hard time during and after the divorce process as a result of other people gossiping about your circumstances. If you are a community leader or celebrity, you may even find that a number of people who you do not even know discuss your personal affairs and cast judgment on your decisions. Our law office understands how difficult this can be from an emotional point of view and it is important to prevent these feelings from affecting your divorce case.

Divorce and back-to-school season

Soon, many kids across the country will be returning to school after summer vacation. For parents, this can be an especially stressful time of year. After all, between running around to buy clothes and school supplies and discussing school-related issues with kids (social anxiety involving classmates, stress over schoolwork or changes to a child’s schedule, etc.), there may be difficult issues for parents to handle. You may find yourself in a position where you are thinking about divorce, or maybe your divorce petition has already been filed and you are in the midst of the process. Either way, it is important to be prepared.

Financial strain and high-asset divorce

For virtually every couple, divorce can present challenges on a number of levels, from emotional struggles to financial concerns. With that said, some people have an especially difficult time during the process of ending their marriage, like those with a high net worth, for example. If you are considering high-asset divorce, you may be put off by the idea of ending your marriage because you worry about how your financial accounts and property will be affected. However, these concerns may be mitigated by carefully going over all options beforehand.

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