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Posts tagged "Property Division"

Should you keep or sell your house after divorce?

When you file for a divorce in Florida, part of the settlement negotiations may center on your house. Determining whether you should sell or keep your home may be a complex financial decision. Even if you and your spouse decide to keep the house, you may also need to figure out who will continue to live there and how to split the equity and debt equally. While every situation is different, there are several factors to think about that may help you decide whether keeping or selling your home is best.

Sentimental value can derail your settlement

Equitable property division in a complex Florida divorce often includes real estate, businesses and retirement accounts. While the financial worth of these assets is generally clear cut, artwork and collectibles may require a third-party valuation, particularly when they hold sentimental value. At Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., we tailor our legal plan based on your needs and priorities.

Can I stop my spouse from destroying assets?

The unfortunate truth is that not all Florida divorces can be harmonious; in fact, they can bring out the worst in people. Some spouses, faced with the impending division of their property, will find ways to spend, destroy or squander as many of their assets as possible so that their soon-to-be ex does not receive a share. If you fear your spouse may engage in such destruction, you can take some action to try and stop it from happening.

Can children affect how marital property is divided?

With respect to family law cases, there are many different factors that can affect how things play out in court. For example, many different issues could impact a custody decision and this is also true when it comes to the distribution of marital assets. It is important to approach this issue with an understanding of how the laws in Florida affect families since there is variance between states. In this post, we will at some of the ways in which children could affect a property division case.

Which factors can affect property distribution?

Divorce can bring on many different challenges and some people may have an especially hard time working through the end of a marriage, such as those with children. Moreover, people who have a high net worth or significant assets may worry about how their divorce will impact their finances. Even people with a moderate amount of assets may worry about property division for various reasons and it is important to prepare for how your marital property may be split up. For example, you might benefit from going over some factors that courts consider when making decisions regarding property distribution.

The emotional side of property division

When people think about family law and emotions, they may envision a difficult dispute over child custody or another issue involving kids. While these can certainly be difficult challenges from an emotional angle, there are many other facets of family law that can bring up negative emotions. In Tavares and in other cities across the state of Florida, people may become very stressed out over financial issues involving their divorce, such as the distribution of marital property.

9 signs an ex-spouse is hiding assets in divorce

Florida is an “equitable distribution” state for divorce, which means courts will divide property in a way it believes to be fair, but does not always equate to a perfectly even split. For this reason, sometimes spouses will try to hide assets to keep from splitting them with their ex.

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