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Child support and your tax refund

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Child Support

People are aware of many of the different challenges that can come with child support, such as the risk of being arrested for failing to make payments and the social stigma that is attached to back child support. In a recent blog post, we discussed how child support delinquency can interfere with travel plans and passport applications. However, it is vital to keep in mind that falling behind may upend your life in even more ways. Many people have recently filed their taxes and are expecting a tax refund. However, some may be surprised to find out that back child support will interfere with their refund.

If a non-custodial parent owes a certain amount of back child support, the IRS might intercept their tax refund. This can be especially hard for people who were counting on their tax refund to fulfill various obligations, from getting caught up on back rent to making car payments. Unfortunately, this can result in a cycle of financial problems and it can be very upsetting to know that one’s tax refund has been intercepted due to falling behind on child support payments.

In order to avoid these consequences, parents should always try to pay the child support they owe. However, certain life changes may make this seem impossible, in which case the modification of a child support order could be a wise decision. Feel free to follow the link to our child custody page for even more on various family law topics that involve children.