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Experienced Representation For Landlords And Tenants

Disagreements between tenants and landlords occur frequently in the residential and commercial real estate arena. Many of these situations are disputes involving a tenant’s failure to pay rent or a landlord’s failure to maintain the rental property as required by the terms of the lease.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, it is crucial to have experienced, efficient legal representation to help you resolve landlord-tenant disputes as quickly and economically as possible. At Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., our Lake County landlord-tenant lawyer is a seasoned professional with the ability to take multiple paths to the resolution of your matter. Whether your case involves litigation, negotiation or transactions, we will work to ensure your interests are protected and your potential liability is minimized.

Litigation · Negotiation · Transactions

We believe in proactively addressing and resolving issues as early as possible, in an effort to save our clients the time and money associated with litigation. Our principal attorney, David E. Cauthen, is an adept negotiator who is often able to facilitate collaborative solutions to disagreements between landlords and tenants.

We can unlock a range of options to reach a resolution that meets your needs and insulates you from future litigation. If litigation is the appropriate way to handle your case, however, we are talented advocates in the courtroom. We will aggressively protect your rights and interests.

Our firm serves clients involved in a broad range of landlord-tenant matters involving:

  • Litigation of landlord-tenant disputes
  • Eviction/unlawful detainer
  • Lease breaches
  • Rent disputes
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Repair and maintenance obligations
  • The leasing of adjacent space to a competing business
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of commercial and residential leases
  • Sublease and assignment rights
  • Early termination of lease obligations

Contact A Tavares Eviction Attorney

If you need advice or counsel regarding a landlord-tenant matter, call Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., at 352-508-4175 or toll-free at 888-801-1678. You may also contact us to schedule a consultation. We serve landlords and tenants in Lake, Marion, and Sumter County.