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We Will Guide You Through Every Step Of The Process

The loss of a loved one can be extremely emotional, especially for family members or others acting as executors or administrators of a decedent’s estate. While dealing with your grief, you may also have to unravel complex financial issues and navigate challenging family dynamics.

Probate is the legal process of wrapping up the estate of a person who has died. The probate court will ensure creditors and taxes are paid, real estate transactions are handled, and heirs and beneficiaries inherit what they are entitled to. With or without a will, nearly every estate must go through probate to some extent. The process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if the estate is large, the decedent had no will, or if beneficiaries dispute the validity of the will.

Helping You Fulfill Your Obligations In A Responsible Manner

An experienced probate attorney can help you expedite the probate process, minimize the cost and work to ensure you fulfill your obligations in a responsible manner. For more than 40 years, Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., has guided administrators and executors through the administration of decedents’ estates, including appearing in probate court proceedings, supervising the administration of trusts, assisting with the transfer of assets, helping to resolve claims, as well as implementing decedents’ estate plans.

We work closely with clients to help them complete the process as quickly as possible while minimizing family disharmony. Our firm provides reliable, efficient representation to individuals throughout central Florida, as well as out-of-state family members whose loved ones have passed away while residing in Lake, Marion and Sumter counties.

Contact Our Team For Will And Probate Help

Call Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., at 352-508-4175 or toll-free at 888-801-1678 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Tavares probate lawyer. You can also reach us by email. We look forward to speaking with you.