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Facing Foreclosure? You Don’t Have To Face It Alone.

The positive slant of a real estate law practice is the ability to help people meet goals through purchase and sale of real estate. In this area, a real estate attorney has a real sense that he or she helps build the community over the years. Attorney David E. Cauthen of Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., has been practicing law — including real estate law — in Lake County for more than 35 years. In the process, he has helped facilitate countless real estate transactions.

In the real estate market, people find and acquire the homes and business properties of their choice — or make money and walk away free of further responsibility for a property that they had been maintaining and paying taxes on.

Why So Many Foreclosures?

Unfortunately, in today’s troubled and changing economic times, unhappy scenarios are playing out throughout Florida as well: bankruptcies, collections and foreclosures. In foreclosure, a lender takes possession of a property with a mortgage in default and a borrower loses any further rights to the property, whether residential or commercial.

Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., represents both lenders and borrowers in foreclosures in Florida. Among the clients of the law firm are private mortgage holders who have been hurt by the economic recession just as much as mortgage holders have been. These private mortgage holders are not lending institutions. Rather, they are private individuals who did their own financing for real estate properties held by buyers who have been unable to keep up with payments.

Save Your Home Or Save Your Financial Future

The root cause of a foreclosure may be declining income of the mortgage holder (due to a layoff, for example) or some feature(s) of the mortgage, such as balloon payments coming due or adjustable rate mortgages resulting in monthly payments out of reach of the owner’s ability to pay. A borrower may find himself or herself in an “upside down” position with the mortgage, whereby the property is worth less on the market than the principal owed on that property.

Help and advice from an experienced real estate lawyer such as David E. Cauthen will point the way to the most promising forms of relief from the threat of foreclosure. Sometimes the best solution for a homeowner in this type of circumstance is an unwanted scenario such as bankruptcy or complete release of the property and the mortgage to the lender through a short sale.

We Can Help With Foreclosure Matters

Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., assists lenders and borrowers through the process of foreclosure-and in some cases helps people prevent foreclosure through refinancing or mortgage readjustments. A lender may prefer to take a loss through a mortgage modification rather than face the burdens associated with repossession, maintenance and resale of a property.

Whether you are a private mortgage holder or a consumer with a mortgage from a major bank or other lending institution, contact foreclosure attorney David E. Cauthen in Tavares, Florida. Schedule a consultation to discuss the threatened or ongoing foreclosure and how to emerge from foreclosure in as strong a position as possible.