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There are ways that you can make your divorce more private

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Divorce

Despite your best efforts to make it work, the romantic relationship between you and your spouse just isn’t going to make it. Divorce is on the horizon and you have some concerns about your privacy. The last thing you want is for the sensitive issues that led to your marriage breaking down to be aired in public.

Outlined below are a few ways that you can maintain your privacy during a divorce.

Do not talk about it online

You use social media every day for numerous reasons. You talk to your friends this way and even vent your frustrations sometimes. You’ve taken every step to boost your privacy settings, but does this mean you’re safe to vent about your divorce?

The answer to this question is no. Even with tight security settings, people who are tech-savvy can probably still access your posts. Also, can you really be sure that one of your mutual friends won’t go running to your spouse to report what you said, or worse, spread gossip around town? The risk of venting on social media about your personal matters is simply not worth it.

What about divorce alternatives?

Gone are the days when divorce proceedings need to be battled out like they are on TV shows. Divorces really don’t need to be this dramatic. In fact, the less drama the better for everyone involved, particularly the children. Why not consider alternatives to a litigated divorce? For instance, you might want to think about mediation. This is a less formal procedure that can remain private. The focus of mediation is also to reduce tension and conflict and find solutions that are equitable.

Having legal guidance on your side can also help to keep sensitive matters out of the public eye. Remember, divorce is not just an ending but an opportunity for you to start afresh.