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The basics of child support payments

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Child Support

When Florida parents get divorced, one of them is likely going to pay child support. Many parents may have questions about how much these payments might be, so it is important to understand the factors a court typically considers.

Sometimes child custody affects child support. According to FindLaw, if parents have joint custody of their child, child support payments typically depend on the amount of time a child spends with each parent. Additionally, a court may consider a person’s total earning ability. This means that if one parent has recently decided to go back to school, a court may determine child support payments based on the salary a person received before leaving the job.

When a court begins to determine child support payments, there are numerous factors it considers. says a court usually looks at a person’s income. This can include benefits like worker’s compensation or a pension, as well as bonuses or commissions. Additionally, a court takes into account the income of the custodial parent. A couple’s quality of life also affects child support payments. If a child is used to a high standard of living, a court may sometimes set higher child support payments so the child can have a consistent lifestyle. A child’s particular needs are also a factor. Some children may need extra financial support if they have a physical or mental disability.

It is important to remember that sometimes child support payments can be changed. This means that if people lose their job, they do not always need to provide as much financial support if they cannot afford it. Additionally, if a parent has physical custody of his or her child for longer periods of time, these payments might change to match the new situation.