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Can children affect how marital property is divided?

With respect to family law cases, there are many different factors that can affect how things play out in court. For example, many different issues could impact a custody decision and this is also true when it comes to the distribution of marital assets. It is important to approach this issue with an understanding of how the laws in Florida affect families since there is variance between states. In this post, we will at some of the ways in which children could affect a property division case.

According to the Florida Legislature, there are many factors that can play a role in how marital assets are split up. In fact, children can even affect court decisions with these cases in different ways. For example, if one parent has contributed to a child’s education and set aside a significant amount of time to raise the child, this could affect how assets are split up. Moreover, if it is in a child’s best interests to remain in the family home with one of his or her parents, this could affect which party is able to continue living in the residence.

Aside from legal matters, you may have other considerations related to your children and this distribution of marital assets. For example, if you will have sole custody of your child, you may worry about losing certain assets and how this could affect you. As with all other family law topics, you should prepare yourself for what may lie ahead and do plenty of research.