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Mediation gives you a greater sense of control during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

You look forward to dissolving your marriage. Still, you do not look forward to the fight you envision happening in the courtroom during the divorce process.

The reality is that divorce litigation is not your only option these days when it comes to sorting out your divorce issues. Divorce mediation can be a handy tool for helping you to feel empowered during your Florida divorce and get through the process as unscathed as possible.

What will you do during divorce mediation?

If you agree to divorce mediation, this means you and your future ex will have a third party facilitate your divorce dispute resolutions. Your mediator will promote effective communication between both of you. His or her main goal will be to help you to solve your problems innovatively and thus reach your own settlement agreement — one that is fair, legally sound and mutually beneficial.

Why should you try mediation?

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular among divorcing couples because it is a proven way to reduce controversy and hostility during a marital breakup. This is particularly important if interacting with the other party will be unavoidable following your divorce proceeding — for example, if you must co-parent your shared children.

Another reason why mediation may be a good idea in your situation is that it can help to eliminate the trauma and cost often linked to litigation. In addition, whatever you talk about in a mediation session will remain private. This is the opposite of what happens during litigation, where everything you discuss becomes part of the public record. That means anyone may be able to access the details of your divorce proceeding.

What are your options if mediation ends up not working?

Perhaps you and the other party try to go through mediation sessions but end up reaching an impasse. In this situation, your only option is to proceed to trial. During your divorce trial, a family law judge will ultimately determine how to handle the matter that you and your future ex could not resolve on your own. This matter may be related to child custody and visitation, or maybe it has to do with how to distribute certain assets.

Whether you end up tackling your divorce issues in mediation sessions or you go to trial, you have the right to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible. An attorney can guide you through each situation and help you to make informed decisions that will benefit you long term.