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Sexual abuse and divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2019 | Divorce

Marriages end for an array of reasons, but there are some instances where it is particularly important for someone to split up with their spouse. For example, someone who has been subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of their marital partner should immediately take steps to protect themselves and hold their spouse accountable. Those who have experienced sexual abuse in their marriage, which takes a number of forms, may need to find the courage to move on. However, various options may be available, and victims of sexual abuse should not feel hopeless.

Unfortunately, some people have stayed in toxic and abusive marriages because they felt trapped or did not have the courage or energy to pursue a divorce. This can lead to recurrences of abuse and make life harder for victims and those they love. Moreover, some people may notice that a spouse has sexually abused their child, which is extremely important to address. If your child has been subjected to sexual abuse of any form, you should immediately protect them from further harm and review all of your options. Furthermore, this is an especially important issue to bring up in court in the middle of a dispute over custody.

Regrettably, many people have been sexually abused and subjected to other forms of abuse (such as physical and verbal abuse) in their marriage. This behavior should never be tolerated, and victims of abuse should go over their legal options at once. Visit our divorce page to read more about legal factors that should be considered.