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Man arrested for shooting at mother and kids in car

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Divorce

Many in Tavares may suffering through abusive relationships where the one’s causing their suffering are their own spouses. Oftentimes, these victims of abuse choose to remain in their bad situations out of feelings they may have for their abusers and the hope that they maintain that such actions will stop. In other cases, abused spouses may simply remain in their marriages for fear that the abuse will escalate if they try to leave. In any event, those choosing to stay in an abusive marriage could be playing a potentially dangerous game, as one never knows when the force meted out by an abuser could turn lethal. 

It almost did in a case involving a woman and her three children in Wisconsin. The family was forced to flee from the father of two of the children after he forced his way into their home. They escaped out the back door and jumped into the car before they were discovered. As they drove away, the man fired multiple gunshots into the vehicle. The mother and one of the children were hit, yet they were able to make it to the hospital to receive treatment. The father has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder. 

This case illustrates that simply leaving an abusive spouse may not end the potential of the abuse continuing. Rather, one typically needs to also get a protective order that would allow authorities to arrest an abuser if they try to approach their victims. Getting the ball rolling on divorce proceedings might also hasten the end of the abuse. A family law attorney may of great assistance in such a scenario.