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Can I benefit from mediation in my divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Mediation

When Floridians are getting a divorce, it is possible that the issues in the case will lead to acrimony and rampant disagreement. In cases like this, there will likely be little chance for a settlement and it will be necessary to go to court. However, there are some cases in which the parties can negotiate and settle their differences with the help of a mediator. Understanding how mediation can be advantageous is important when considering it as an option.

Mediation is a process where an independent person will listen to both sides and try to assist in finding common ground and forging agreements. It is not binding. The couple will decide on its own how to settle areas of dispute. The mediator’s job is to discuss matters and to find solutions. If the mediation session is unsuccessful, it will not be part of the public record and will not impact the court case. It is a confidential process.

Since the couple is getting a divorce, there are often roadblocks to effective communication. The mediator can assist with getting the sides to listen to one another and see the case from their perspective. Once there is an agreement through mediation, it can be enforced under the law. It must be in writing and will then be a contract. The parties cannot back out once they have agreed in mediation. Flexibility is a benefit of mediation. The needs can be met for every circumstance. This differs from a court case in which the parties must abide by why the judge decides.

Financially, mediation is cost-effective. A trial can take a significant amount of time and, by extension, cost money in paying legal fees and missing time at work. It can also avoid stressors that can damage a person’s health and outlook. Despite the inherent differences that led to the couple deciding to part ways, there is a chance that mediation can be effective and settle the issues in dispute in an agreeable way. A law firm that handles family law cases might be able to help facilitate an agreement through mediation. Calling for a consultation can provide information on how to proceed.