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Experts explain why women are more prone to wanting a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Divorce

There are many reasons why a couple will decide to end a marriage and pursue a divorce in Florida. The statistics for divorce can be a key part of a case. For example, women have a greater propensity to want a divorce than men. Understanding this phenomenon and why it is so can be important when deciding whether or not it is the right decision to move on from a marriage.

While women are perceived as wanting to get married more than men, data shows that women also pursue a divorce more frequently. Multiple studies have shown this. The American Sociological Association released a report in 2015 saying that the number was 70 percent in favor of women initiating a divorce. Marriage experts say there are three main reasons why this happens.

One common cause for a divorce is that women might think they are being held back if they stay in the marriage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says in its latest data that more than half of the national workforce is comprised of women. Even with that, women are simultaneously expected to perform housework and run the home. Research into that subject found that 49 percent of women performed daily housework. For men, that was 20 percent. This was true even if both had jobs. This can be problematic in the marriage. Another concern is that women feel as if they are lacking support from their husband as they try to advance in their careers.

Emotional factors can negatively impact a marriage and be the catalyst for a divorce. If couples are lacking in communication and there is an emotional gap, women could feel stress from carrying that load. Women can find emotional solace in areas other than the marriage leading to the belief that they do not need the husband. Finally, women could be less tolerant of a man behaving badly in the marriage. If, for example, he is unfaithful, a woman who can support herself will not stay in the marriage. In the past, when men were the main breadwinner, it was more difficult for a woman to leave.

A lack of satisfaction in a marriage can happen to a man or a woman. Understanding the various issues that will come to the forefront is essential. That can include spousal support, child custody and property issues. Whether it is the woman initiating the divorce or the man who wants to end the marriage, calling for legal advice from a law firm experienced in family law and divorce might be a sound initial step.