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Virtual Visitation as a Part of a Child Custody Plan

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | Child Custody

Child custody is a sensitive legal topic because it deals with matters related to the well-being and best interests of children. Although parents may hold their children’s needs close to their hearts, it is not unusual for two divorced or separated Florida parents to disagree about where their child should live or how their child should be raised. When parents cannot settle their own custody disputes, they may turn to the courts to intervene and offer guidance.

In Florida custody may be shared between the parents or it may be given to one parent if the other is unable to provide enough care or consideration to their child. When parents can work together, a child may benefit from spending time in both of their households in a joint custody arrangement. However, this may not always be possible if distance separates a parent from their child.

Whether because of their job, their relationship, or their own needs, a parent may find themselves living far away from their children. Staying connected can be difficult when distance separates them, and parents may wish to investigate adding virtual visitation terms to their child custody agreements to manage these issues. Virtual visitation involves the use of technology like smartphones, video calls, text messaging, and others to keep parents and kids in communication with each other.

Virtual visitation terms may be important elements of child custody plans and the time parents carve out to communicate with their children may be protected from interference by their co-parent. Parents who actively or passively disturb the interactions of their co-parents and their kids may be responsible for creating alienation between them.

Face-to-face time between parents and children is important to develop their relationships and strengthen their bonds. Options are available for those who cannot be with their kids due to distance. Help from family law attorneys may be useful for those with more questions about this important topic.