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Understanding if mediation will work for your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Mediation

Relationships can get rocky. Whether it is a recent event or something spouses have struggled with for quite some time, some marriages cannot stand the test of time. With divorce rates remaining around 50%, spouses of all ages from marriages of varying lengths have to consider the process of uncoupling. Divorce is emotional. It is a major change that requires very adult decisions.

The tone of the process and the decisions made during a divorce can greatly impact the post-divorce life. Mediation, when appropriate, could be a beneficial divorce method approach. Although there is no right way to divorce, there is the best way for each couple. Mediation can be beneficial, as it can help spouses save time and money; however, mediation is not for every divorce.

A divorce method is often based on the problems in the ending relationship. Thus, it is imperative to take note of the issues at hand and if mediation would be successful. A sure sign that this process is not right is when the animosity between spouses is so significant that they cannot talk to each other. The goal of mediation is to resolve a conflict. If the couple cannot talk, they cannot reach a resolution. Additionally, there is a history of drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence took place in the relationship, mediation is likely not the appropriate step, as there are many obstacles that prevent constructive conversations that could lead to a successful negotiation.

Another sign that mediation would not be successful in a divorce is when there are mental health issues that have not been addressed. Additionally, when children are involved and there is no seeing eye-to-eye on custody, mediation will likely be unsuccessful. Finally, when one or both spouses are not willing to put forth the time and effort to work through their issues, mediation is likely not the best route for them.

Divorces do not need to be messy or filled with high-conflict. While this may be unavoidable for some, for those that can move forward with an amicable departure, the divorce mediation process may be a valuable process. Therefore, spouses should consider this option to determine if it is the best divorce method for them.