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Using financial experts during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Divorce

Ending a marriage is an emotional event for spouses in Florida and elsewhere. The divorce process can feel like a very isolating experience. Like you are navigating it alone, and when it is over, will be alone. Nonetheless, this process is not one that must be done alone. Not only can one have the support of friends and family to help them get through this major life event, but also a divorcing spouse could utilize various professionals to push through the process and achieve a favorable divorce decree.

Experts you could involve in a divorce

For many, it is their first time going through the divorce process; however, it is not uncommon for some to go through two, three and even more divorces in his or her lifetime. Regardless, no two divorces are the same, as they bring unique issues to the table that are specific to the spouses involved in the marriage. And, as a means to sort through these unique issues, various experts may be beneficial to add to the process.

While an attorney is an important and valuable expert to include in a divorce, additional experts could help with different phases of the process. For many, this looks like a financial expert. This professional could assist with locating assets, valuing assets and even properly identifying the status of each asset.

Utilizing financial experts

While including a financial expert in the divorce process may be the best step for you, it is important to understand that there are various types of financial experts that could be used. A business evaluator could help value a business, if one is involved. On the other hand, a forensic accountant could help locate, analyze and trace assets when it comes to financial accounts, tax returns and cash flow.

Depending on your circumstances and disputes faced with your former spouse, it may be necessary to include various experts. This is especially true if one seeks to utilize a financial expert to locate assets and to provide their expert opinion in the courtroom.

The divorce process does not need to be one you do alone. If you are dealing with a contentious divorce or one with a wide range of assets, it is important to consider ways to timely and efficiently move forward with the dissolution of your marriage while also protecting your rights and interests.