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How couples disagree on money

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Divorce

Money often feels like a necessary evil. You need it to survive in the modern world, but it can bring with it many issues that impact other areas of your life. Certainly, it has been found that money is one of the leading causes of divorce.

What this means does differ a bit from one couple to the next, but it often just means that they disagree on financial decisions. How do these disagreements take place?

Whose money is it?

One potential issue is when couples do not agree on whose money it is. Does everything go into a joint bank account? Say a husband then makes an expensive purchase. Will his wife think that he is spending her money? But if they don’t share their money, how do they agree on joint bills, like the mortgage or the water bill?

How can you spend it?

Perhaps the biggest issue is just how money should be spent, or if it should at all. There is a fundamental difference between someone who values saving and someone who enjoys spending. When the couple doesn’t agree on their financial goals, they can run into arguments and disagreements, no matter how much money they have. It’s not necessarily a lack of funds that leads to divorce — though it can — but a difference in how they want to use those funds.

Splitting up

Do you feel like the financial disagreements in your marriage are pushing you toward divorce? Take the time to carefully look into all of the options that you have.