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Could a postnuptial agreement save your marriage?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Divorce

Engaged couples frequently sign prenuptial agreements to protect their interests in the event of a divorce. While there is no doubt they are indeed handy documents, far too many couples overlook the value that a postnuptial agreement can bring to the marriage.

Maybe you have never even heard of the term. You can learn more about postnups here in this post.

There is no time limit on postnups

Any couple, at any point in their marriage, may sign a postnuptial agreement and be bound by its terms. Just because you did not sign a prenup prior to your wedding has absolutely no bearing on the issues you address with your postnup.

What is the purpose of a postnup?

There can be many purposes behind signing a postnup. For instance, if you are a non-working spouse in a high-asset marriage who gave up a lucrative career to rear the children and/or take care of the home, you may worry that your contributions to the marriage could be undervalued in a divorce.

Codifying those contributions, as well as noting their value, could add a layer of protection between you and the terms of any future divorce.

How it might save a marriage

Infidelity ruins many marriages, yet couples still can manage to mend the rift that an affair can bring. Asking the straying spouse to sign a postnup detailing the terms of a divorce due to adultery might make them think twice before stepping outside the bounds of their marriage again.

Postnups provide clarity

You may wonder about divorce but are unsure where you will stand financially if you follow through with the process. A postnuptial agreement spells out most terms in black and white, which eliminates the guessing.

Curious about whether a postnup is right for you? Our attorney can review your situation and make a recommendation.