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Does your child have separation anxiety when going to visit your ex?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce is a major, unpleasant upheaval, no matter how obvious it is that a couple needs to part ways permanently. For you and your spouse, it signals the end of cherished hopes and dreams for a blissful future together.


Each of you has to adjust to being single again, with all the pitfalls that entails. One of you has to depart from the family home. And both of you have to face some tough decisions about your children and how to co-parent them.


Perhaps your kids are having a hard time confronting their “new normal” after your divorce. Youngsters may not comprehend everything even when it is explained to them in age-appropriate language.


Teenagers may rebel because they have no control over their new circumstances. Coping with it might just be too much for them right now.


Your kids will be facing a truly enormous adjustment. They may exhibit separation anxiety. It sets in when they are scheduled to go for a visit to your former spouse’s place. Some of the signs are crying spells, frustration, anger, worry, eating and sleeping pattern disruptions, fearfulness or grouchiness. Separation anxiety can affect older children, too.


How to handle your child’s separation anxiety


·      Stay calm when your child gets upset or balks when heading to your ex’s for a visit. Your unflappable attitude defuses your kid’s uneasiness.

·      Don’t cave in to your child’s emotional outbursts and bypass the planned visit. Instead, work on mitigating the problem.

·      You and your fretful youngster can talk about the enjoyable activities your ex and your child did during their last get-together.

·      Brainstorm with your ex-spouse about establishing a workable visitation schedule, handling unexpected situations and how you can occasionally getting in touch with your child for reassurance during the visit.


Bouncing back from a divorce is challenging for adults. The emotional fallout, especially for kids, is often worse. An experienced attorney in Florida can at least help you ensure that your children will be well provided for. Your own cool head and parental compassion will ease them through this rough transition.