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Your career choice may impact your divorce risk

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Divorce

There are many reasons why couples decide to split, and everything from marital infidelity to changes in a spouse’s belief system can lead to a divorce.

So, too, can someone’s choice of a career. A 2018 study published by Zippia highlighted how a spouse’s career choice might have a significant impact on a couple’s chances of splitting. An analysis of the data revealed that some spouses employed in certain careers are more apt than others to divorce.

Which types of workers are most likely to divorce?

Zippia’s analysis of the data reveals that supply chain managers have one of the highest divorce rates of all employees at 18%, which is perhaps attributable to the stress they face on the job.

Auto mechanics don’t succeed at marriage much better, as their divorce rate is 17%, which analysts attribute to their low average annual pay of just over $38 thousand.

That same data revealed that library assistants, chemical testers and researchers, animal care workers and food service ones all have a 15% divorce rate. Researchers point to low pay for library and food service workers as the reason for the demise of their marriages. They point to exhaustion as to why those who work in animal care can’t make their marriages succeed. 

Military service members, in general, have a 15% divorce rate. That index increases to 30% for first-line military supervisors. It’s 17% for active-duty air weapons or tactical operations service members due to the high stress they’re subject to as part of their role. 

Engineers and health care diagnostic technicians have a 14% divorce rate. A contributing factor to the demise of engineers’ marriage is their frequent travel. Health care workers’ irregular schedules, including night shifts, weekends and holidays, make it challenging for them to keep their marriages intact. 

How to proceed if you’re planning to seek a divorce

If you’re committed to the idea that your marriage is over, then you’ll want to start preparing yourself for the issues you’ll need to address before you can finalize your divorce. 

These include property division as well as child custody and support. You may want to browse our website to find out more about how Florida law treats these matters so that you’ll be more informed when it comes time to settle your divorce.