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Why checking your bank balance could help you predict a divorce

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Divorce

It is not always easy to assess the state of your marriage. Partners are often good at hiding their true feelings and pretending everything is OK when it is not.

So it pays to know the non-verbal indicators that could signal trouble is on the horizon. Many of them involve money.

How you deal with money between you is a good divorce indicator

If you are transparent with each other about your spending, it’s a sign your relationship is healthy. When you start to hide your spending from each other, then it could indicate divorce is on its way. It is next to impossible to maintain a relationship where you are scared of telling each other the truth.

Are your money habits incompatible?

Despite the often quoted theory that opposites attract, sometimes your differences can be a source of contention. If you believe in only spending what you earn and your spouse believes in spending as much credit as they can on, sooner or later, things will come to a head. They are such fundamental differences that you may be best going your separate ways.

Is one of you controlling all the money?

When you are a young child, you happily depend on your parents whenever you want to buy something. When you are 32, asking your spouse every time you want to buy an ice cream will soon get old.  

If money is an issue in your marriage, you might be able to get psychological help to turn things around. More likely is that you decide the best way to solve matters is to get legal help to end your marriage and be free to manage your finances on your own terms.