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How could social media hurt your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Divorce

If you love keeping your friends and followers updated, then it’s only natural to want to tell them about a massive life event such as divorce.

By sharing your experience, you can perhaps inspire others to end their unhappy marriages. Or show how they too can overcome the numerous difficulties that lie ahead.

Regardless, it is best not to post about your divorce at all. Here’s why:

Your spouse could use anything you post against you

Even if you block them, they may access the posts through friends, family or through a false account they or someone else sets up to follow you. If your livelihood or wellbeing depends on you posting regularly, here are three post errors to ensure you avoid:

  1. Don’t show yourself engaged in bad or risky behavior: It will be more challenging to portray yourself to the divorce judge as a hard-working, responsible parent if your spouse screenshots the post of you drinking a line of shots at a wild party.
  2. Don’t give the impression that you are abusive or mean-spirited: Do not comment on anything your spouse posts. They might try to bait you into saying something nasty. They may tell the judge you have always been that way.
  3. Don’t give the impression you have money stashed away: Hiding assets in a divorce is illegal. So, if you did buy a waterside property in a friend’s name, be sure not to post about it. If you want to treat yourself to an expensive vacation to celebrate your freedom, wait until your divorce is finalized to avoid your spouse saying you can afford to pay them more.

Social media is just one of the areas where you could make errors that harm your divorce outcome. Getting legal help to guide you can help you avoid them all.