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Where can you live during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2022 | Divorce

However much you dream about your living circumstances after your divorce, first you need to work out where you will live during the divorce.

Each couple’s living requirements and financial realities will be different, but here are some options to consider:


If you have kids together this could be a great option. The kids stay put in the family home and you as parents take turns to stay with them. That gives the kids more stability during this challenging period. 


You may decide to share the same house, but you should certainly not share the same bed, as this could complicate divorce matters. You may want to establish some firm personal boundaries before you consider this.

If you are to continue living together for the next few months, you each need to stake out your space.  If you have a spare bedroom or can convert the office into one then great. If it means one of you sleeping in the living room, then that may require more juggling. Remember you can plan your routines to reduce the amount of time you spend around each other.

Staying with friends or family

If one of you can do this, it can be a great low-cost option — provided of course that you do not become a burden on your hosts.

Renting another place

If one of you moves out, consider who will pay for it. You may decide to fund it with the marital account as it gives you both the space you need until you finalize your divorce.

Getting help to understand any legal implications of the various options is wise as you do not want to weaken your position in divorce negotiations.