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Feelings to expect when divorcing a mentally ill spouse

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Divorce

For years you worked hard to help your spouse overcome a mental illness. Over time, you understood that it is not your responsibility to heal your spouse, so you reluctantly decided to get a divorce.

Mental illness can devastate intimate relationships, especially if the ill person won’t cooperate or seek help. You may feel prepared to divorce such a partner, but you should expect to feel some uncomfortable emotions of your own.

You’ll probably feel guilty

It is hard to walk away from someone you care about when they are unwell. Even if you expect to feel guilty about your divorce, the intensity of the emotion can take you by surprise. Instead of staying married solely out of guilt, work to overcome these feelings during your divorce.

You may keep worrying about them

One of the top reasons those married to someone with a mental condition delay divorce is worry. How will your spouse survive if you aren’t around? Will they be okay, or will leaving make their illness worse? Although understandable, these emotions can weaken your resolve and drag an unhappy marriage out even longer.

You can still feel the loss of your relationship

If you expect to immediately revel in the possibility of newfound freedom, think again. You will probably mourn your marriage even though you may feel anxious to get out. Those who experienced years of responsibility for someone battling a mental illness often feel lost and without purpose during and after divorce.

If divorce is truly your final solution, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Staying focused on your Florida divorce proceedings can distract you from your negative thoughts until your new life is underway and thriving.