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Find Hidden Assets During Divorce

Frequently, divorces come with challenges much more complex than dividing basic assets, making child custody (time sharing) arrangements, and setting up child support and alimony payments. Especially in situations involving high net worth divorce, some people will go to great lengths to avoid the accurate identification, valuation and division of marital assets.

These individuals may engage in marital fraud by transferring substantial assets to family and friends. They may also use shell corporations, offshore accounts and tax shelters to hide assets and attempt to appear as though their net worth is less than what it really is.

Uncovering hidden assets may call for sophisticated forensic accounting actions such as monitoring electronic transactions and gaining access to offshore financial records. For more than 40 years, Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., has been a proven resource for high net worth individuals and others facing divorce and other family law matters involving hidden assets. We provide professional, discreet representation to clients throughout central Florida.

Uncovering The Truth

One of the most common situations involving hidden assets is when a divorcing couple or individual spouse owns a closely held business. Sometimes money is transferred into or out of the business to make it appear less valuable than it really is. Other times, business records are altered to make the company seem as though it is making less money or taking a loss, even when it is thriving.

At Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., we partner with forensic accountants, private investigators, and tax and other financial experts to uncover the truth. Examining tax returns, ledgers and other documentation can be helpful in showing us where money is being spent and whether property has been transferred into a friend’s or relative’s name. No matter how complex your case may seem, our firm has the experience and resources to efficiently track down hidden assets while protecting your rights and interests.

Contact A Tavares Attorney For Forensic Accounting

For the trusted advice and zealous representation you need, call an experienced lawyer at our firm at 352-508-4175 or toll free at 888-801-1678. You can also contact us by email. We can help you find hidden assets in Lake County, across the country and around the world.