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Our Team Handles Modifications Of Court Orders

Although the end product of a divorce is a “final divorce decree,” in fact, nothing is absolutely final in families until the conclusion of the probate process for a deceased relative. Divorced spouses continue to experience changes in family relationships and finances. When a divorce includes an ongoing financial connection such as spousal support, child support and/or child custody, changes are inevitable at some point or another-and modification of the original court order is called for.

You may need the assistance of an experienced, efficient family law attorney if you face any of the following situations after a divorce or child custody order is enacted:

  • A parent with primary custody may wish to move out of the area, resulting in a proposed relocation of the child. Family law courts may or may not approve of a parent moving away, and may or may not expect custody to revert to the other parent as a result.
  • A parent who is paying or receiving child support may experience a significant change in income or earning capacity. In this case, the dollar amount of child support may be modified by a family court judge.
  • A spouse who is paying spousal support may have a compelling argument for the reduction or elimination of this financial arrangement, such as when the other spouse remarries and no longer needs spousal support to survive.

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A careful analysis of your individual circumstances is a smart and logical place to start when preparing to ask a family court to approve of a modification to child support, child custody or spousal support.

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