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Parental Rights For Unmarried Couples

In Florida, when an unmarried woman gives birth, an unmarried father has no parental rights, or legal responsibility for the child, until paternity has been established. In many cases, both parents agree on the identity of the father, and the father voluntarily accepts parental rights and responsibilities. If either side disputes paternity, however, court intervention may be necessary to order genetic testing to confirm the biological relationship.

Paternity cases are important to moms and dads alike. For mothers, it can pave the way for obtaining financial support for the benefit of the child. For fathers, it can be the catalyst for establishing the right to be a part of the child’s life.

Time Sharing And Child Support

In Florida, child custody is called time sharing. As long as paternity has been established, unmarried mothers and fathers have the same time-sharing rights to their children as divorcing couples.

Child support for both unmarried and divorcing couples is governed by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. As long as paternity has been established, unmarried parents can petition the court for an appropriate order of child support, just as divorcing couples would.

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