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Being Denied SSD Or SSI Benefits Is More Common Than You Think

The process of getting SSD or SSI benefits is confusing, long and overwhelming. The forms you must fill consist of many questions. Answers and other information must be entered accurately and fully. Even after all of the work spent filling it out — and all of the time you have spent injured or otherwise, making you unable to work — your application will probably be denied.

Around two-thirds of all initial SSD or SSI applications are denied. While this is a disheartening statistic, it is not the end of the road for you. We at Cauthen, Oldham & Associates, P.A., are ready to help.

We Will Fight For You

If you have been denied SSD or SSI benefits, it is possible to appeal this decision. Unfortunately, for many applicants, a denial is an almost expected step in the process. Attorney David E. Cauthen, with his 40 years of practice, knows that more than anyone. We will work together to overcome this setback and do everything we can to make your appeal as convincing and airtight as possible.

Above all, Mr. Cauthen knows how crucial obtaining these benefits are. He understands and believes that you need them, unlike the SSA. We will fight them until you get what you need. Even if your appeal is denied, there are still more options, including litigation. We will be aggressive in our representation, and you can be confident we are doing everything we can to help you.

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When it comes to securing benefits, each individual’s situation is different. Our lawyer will gather the necessary medical evidence to clearly and persuasively illustrate why you are entitled to disability benefits. Together, we will convince the SSA to grant you the benefits you deserve.

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